Blue Clock Designs doesn't do business for business sake, we have a purpose.  Our purpose is to help our clients with their goals in a timely and efficient manner.  We are a creative studio serving you.  You're working with people that understand life's frustrations, the hustle and bustle around life events, including festivals and concerts.  Your time is very important and when putting together events, time is ultra sensitive.  All jobs begin with a conversation with you.  No one knows your business or event better than you do.  The conversation lets us understand the best way that we can help you.

Our values of integrity and excellence are shown through the work we provides.



  • You are not bound to exclusive contracts.
  • You own all your designed products.
  • You have a relief of stress knowing we are taking care of you.
  • You receive a free gift for your first design service order.  One free 20oz Yeti® Rambler with our company logo, a $68.89 value.  For more information about Yeti® tumblers click here.


  • We set a high standard of excellence.
  • We have fully transparent prices with no hidden fees.
  • We guarantee our work is done with integrity.
  • We work in a timely manner.
  • We can take care of everything for you from design to printing to merchandise.
  • We keep backups of all your designs that can be requested and sent to you at any time.